Falcon Song set for release across North America.

Falcon Song will be released across North America via all major Cable OnDemand and VOD platforms.

Starting in May 2014, US Audiences will be able to see Falcon Song via Time Warner CableIn DemandComcastCox CableCablevision,TVNAT&TVerizonDirect TVDish NetworkLodgeNetiTunesMicrosoft XboxAmazon Instant VideoCinemaNow, Netflix, and more.

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Nightfur picked up for North American distribution

Anderson Digital has picked up the Nightfur feature film for North American distribution. The company has represented over 50 studios including Sony Pictures Classics. Look for Nightfur on Netflix, PS3 Network, and major VOD platforms. Fans of the cult film can find physical copies at outlets including Best Buy, Hastings, Family Video, and Blockbuster.