Corgan Pictures is a boutique motion picture studio that produces narrative feature films for art house and mainstream markets. Our films are distributed worldwide via major On Demand platforms and physical retail outlets.

The company's founder, Jason Brown, has worked with top filmmakers and studios having been part of teams assembled by ImageMovers, Amblin, Lucasfilm, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Disney, MTV, and more. Originally coming from the Zemeckis camp of filmmakers, he has built his knowledge of the craft while working on films such as "Tron: Legacy", "Captain America", "G.I. Joe Retaliation", "A Christmas Carol", "Beowulf", "What Lies Beneath", and more. Prior to his transition to narrative feature films, he was part of numerous MTV Networks projects including "Jackass: The Movie", "Andy Dick", "Secret Movie Rules". He helped forge a new field of Asset Management as films with budgets over $80M became increasingly reliant on digitally produced properties. He recently received certification by the Producers Guild of America.

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Jason Brown
President / CEO

Toby Guidry
VP of Sales

Aria Russo

Silvia Conti

Jennifer Haire

Jeter Rhodes
Post Production

Submission Policy:

CORGAN PICTURES, INC. does not review or accept unsolicited submissions in any form, and unfortunately is unable to return any manuscripts that are received. Additionally, we cannot guarantee a response to unsolicited queries.